Yogi Bear's Water Zone

Featuring our 400 ft. water slides – Ranger’s Revenge and Picnic Plunge. Enjoy 22,400+ square feet of pool and patio space, including a heated interactive pool with a beach entry full of bubblers, 8 ft Raindrop, built-in seating for adults with hydro-therapy jets, fountain jets that spray across the width of the pool, plus volleyball nets.

OPEN WEEKENDS ONLY 5/16/14 - 5/26/14 AND 9/2/14 - 9/7/14

OPEN EVERY DAY LIMITED HOURS 5/27/14 - 5/29/14 AND 8/25/14 - 8/29/14

OPEN EVERY DAY 5/31/14 - 8/24/14

Safety Rules:

Kids under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Anyone experiencing diarrhea should not enter the pool. Small children must wear swim diapers. No diving, running on deck or rough play. Slide riders must be at least 42" tall. Parents are responsible for measuring children prior to entering slide area. Ride the proper size tube and only feet first. Recommended maximum weight is 275 pounds.

Ranger Smith™ Pool

Come and relax at our original heated pool by the Ranger Station, with nearly 5,000 square feet of pool and patio space.  There's also a kiddie pool for the little ones.

Water Wars and the NEW "Depth Charge" feature!

Step into the Water Wars battle station...drop a balloon into the launcher....pull down the handle...aim and fire!  Your water balloon soars through the air and comes splashing down on your opponent's battle station... a direct hit.  All's fair in Water Wars, but look out - retaliation comes quickly, and before you know it the war is on.  And now--with the NEW "Depth Charge" feature at Jellystone Park, Maryland--aim for the red target, and splash your opponent with way more water than a balloon can hold!

NEW FOR 2014!!  Yakky Doodle™ Zip Along

We have added the award-winning Fly Wire™ Zip Line to our park this year!  Take in a birds eye view of nearly our entire campground from the Yakky Doodle™ Zip Along platform before you launch your 220 foot sky ride, reaching up to 21 MPH. 

Height Requirement: 40 inches

Weight Requirement:  Between 45-250 lbs


Current Hours:

Day of the Week  Hours
 Friday  5 p.m.-7 p.m.
 Saturday  10 a.m.-3 p.m.



Quantity Price
 One Ride  $7
 Package of 5  $25


Jumping Pillow

For hours of fun while exercising at Jellystone Park in Williamsport, Maryland, there's only one Jumping Pillow experience for your family.

Gaga Ball Pit

NEW for 2014!! This is a twist on the game of Dodge Ball - an All-American favorite!


We have an 18 hole course at the park with beautiful landscaping and waterfalls. Our course is nestled in the trees for some relief on those hot summer days. It is also lit for night time play.

Cindy 500 Speedway

If you haven’t tried the Cindy 500 Speedway, you have missed out on a fun experience for your family. Cindy has added some new items to her 1,000 ft. pedal cart track at Jellystone, and she wants all her friends to come down and race.

LaZer Tag

LaZer Tag is a huge hit with all ages. A NEW addition will be night time LaZer Tag games for teenagers with team play competition, new obstacles, targets, and a few other surprises! We are still the only campground in Maryland with this outstanding experience for your family.

Basketball & Volleyball Courts

Amenity Calendar


Date Range: MAR 21-APR 13

Date Range: APR 14-21

Date Range: APR 22-MAY 15

Date Range: MAY 16-26 Date Range: MAY 27-29
Standard Amenities* Everyday Everyday Everyday Everyday Everyday
Scheduled Activities Fri 7pm - Sun noon Everyday Fri 7pm - Sun noon Fri 7pm - Sun noon Everyday
LaZer Tag Every Evening Fri/Sat Evenings Fri/Sat Evening Wed Evening
Jumping Pillow            Everyday Fri/Sat/Sun Fri/Sat/Sun  Thurs Evening
Pedal Karts at Cindy 500 Speedway Every Morning Sat/Sun Morning Sat/Sun Morning Tue Evening 
Gameroom             Fri 7on - Sun noon Everyday Fri 7pm - Sun noon Fri 7pm - Sun noon  Everyday
Arts & Crafts Center/SniggleHunt Saturday Saturday Saturday
Ranger Smith™ Pool            May 10-11 Everyday  Everyday
Water Zone Pool Fri/Sat/Sun Limited Hours 
Ranger's Revenge/Picnic Plunge Water Slides Fri/Sat/Sun  Limited Hours
Water Wars            Saturday  

Date Range: JUN 1-AUG 28

Date Range: AUG 25-28

Date Range: AUG 29-SEPT 7

Date Range: SEPT 8-NOV 2

Date Range: NOV 3-NOV 30

Standard Amenities*           

Everyday Everyday Everyday Everyday Everyday
Scheduled Activities            Everyday Everyday Fri 7pm-Sun noon Fri 7pm-Sun noon  
LaZer Tag Every Evening Weds Evening Fri/Sat Evening  
Jumping Pillow Every Afternoon Thurs Evening Fri/Sat/Sun  
Pedal Karts at Cindy 500 Speedway Every Morning Tues Evening Sat/Sun Morning  
Gameroom            Everyday Everyday Fri 7pm-Sun noon Fri 7pm-Sun noon Saturday

Arts & Crafts Center/SniggleHunt

Tues/Thurs/Sat Saturday Saturday  
Ranger Smith™ Pool

Everyday 10am-8pm

Everyday Everyday

Sept 8-14

Water Zone Pool Everyday 10am-8pm Limited Hours Fri/Sat/Sun    
Ranger's Revenge/Picnic Plunge Water Slides

Everyday noon-6pm

Limited Hours Fri/Sat/Sun


Water Wars Every Afternoon   Saturday    

*Standard Amenities: Mini-Golf, Gaga Ball, Playgrounds, basketball, horseshoes, sand volleyball, hiking trails.

Summer Activities: May 31st - August 24th

See a bear at these daily activities: Pledge of Allegiance and wagon ride. Bring your lunch Mon thru Fri and picnic with a bear. There will also be a bear appearance at all dances, parades and other activities.

Special Activities:
Sunday: Steal or No Steal, Candy Bar BINGO and Teen LaZer Tag games

Sunday through Friday: A movie at Sunset Theater at dark

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday: Arts & Crafts Center

Friday: Candy Bar BINGO and Teen LaZer Tag games

Saturdays: Dance with a DJ or hear a live band

Specials and Updates

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